Why Hire Me?

red-umbrellaBecause I have a wealth of home services under my real estate umbrella.  My business is residential real estate SALES and operation of a real estate INVESTMENT company.

On Sales:  I move a lot of people, and because I’m quick, efficient & honest in my assessments…I would never ever ever suggest you live in or live somewhere I wouldn’t live myself.  I have unBELIEVable resources & amazing experts on my very mobile real estate team of colleagues & advisors.  You’ve heard the phrase, I have a girl?  Well, I’m that girl.

If you want to move to Wilmette, but need to sell in Naperville first, I have an expert in Naperville to help you.  If you need to sell in Oak Park, I got a guy.  And so on.  Because of my relationships, I racked up 180 transactions with buyers, sellers & renters these past three years.  So yes, I move a lot of people.  Please take advantage of that. What’s more, I work AWESOME under pressure, so my best casework is fire-fighting to find you the right place on your timetable.

If you have to sell, we get my home stagers on the case first, pull the inventory we need from my staging warehouse, dress it up & we’re ready for action.  If you need to paint/make repairs first (and yes you do to put your best foot forward), you’ll have my handymen at your disposal.  I will move as f-a-s-t as you need me to.  If you’re thinking about “testing the market” by putting your home on at a lofty price, I’m not the right choice for you.  Please scroll to the next real estate agent & call me after you’ve wasted time on the market. There are just too many people who need help, and who value the creativity & skill of an expert.  I will run through a wall to find what you want, or I’ll dress up your home and sell it quickly, so  you can move on with your plans.

On Investing:  I work for regular folks & some fancy people who are seeking returns outside of the stock market, CDs and the like…Our strategies range from fix & flip to buy & hold.  Mine is the responsibility to identify, procure, renovate, stabilize & manage those properties so my investors can collect solid returns.

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