Whether Chicago to North Shore or South Suburbs to the West…if you have a real estate question/problem/idea or quandary, you name it – please pick up the phone, drop an email & let’s brainstorm together how to move you on with your plans.

Last year I started a real estate investment group for regular folks like me & some very fancy people too, who know real estate can provide unbelievable returns.  Yet they didn’t know how or have the time/patience to navigate the waters alone, or how to buy & renovate, or use leverage from their current assets.  They didn’t know how to find property, how to find money, how to calculate the returns on the money, or where to spend on improvements and so now the need is filled.  Too many people have tried to “flip” and ended up taking a bath and frankly losing money at the end of the day.  We will flip when it makes sense, and we also buy & hold.  When you ally with me, we don’t throw good money after bad.  I show you the system and we decide if we’re a good fit to work together.

For all things real estate related – buying, selling, mortgages, renting your home, staging your home, setting up tenant payments, hiring a property manager (me!), 1031 exchanges, leveraging your 401K as equity, amazing attorneys, inspectors, repairmen, financial planning regarding r.e., and to learn the locker room talk of agents & who we hire for our own work, please be in touch.

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