Blind leading the blind

Recently I found myself in a challenging transaction where the other party in the deal got little to no advice by both their Realtor and their attorney. What are the odds? Sometimes you might get a “not so hot” agent but then the attorney picks up the slack. Or the attorney touts himself or herself as a real estate attorney, when in fact he or she practices business law, commercial,  criminal and ‘you name it’ law, but then the agent carries the ball. But this one ended up in double jeopardy. I could only empathize with their poor client, who got no guidance or coaching during the process which drug out unnecessarily for weeks, for what should have been a few days. I could only sit quietly ringing my hands, coaching my own client that yes this was completely out of the norm, and brainstorming with my real estate attorney in efforts to move the ball forward. Just about every day I’m thankful that our business partners are vetted time after time, and they save my clients thousands of dollars, needless headaches and anxiety, and make me proud (and so relieved) to be working with them. Sigh.

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