Are you looking for mediocre or magnificent?

Anyone I’ve worked for, to dress up their home for sale, knows the difference between selling for “market value” and getting a “stretch price” in their sale.  And who doesn’t want the very most from the sale of their largest asset?  Plan A:  Do little and simply make the beds/pick up the laundry, or Plan B: call me and we will make a punch list, call our handyman & cleaners, make a few improvements & roll up our sleeves…all to ensure your home gets that “stretch price” when you sell.  

Understanding & grasping the meaning of backstage vs. On Stage is the first step to a successful sale.  Seeing the cons as well as the pros in a home is a great second step.  Most of our work is done backstage while we’re getting your home ready to sell. Its critical to spend time the behind the scenes, so when you’re on stage, you’ve got your best face forward.  A seller has 45 seconds to capture a buyer’s interest.  What are you communicating to that prospective buyer in those 45 seconds, from the time they pull up to the curb, to entering your foyer?

So when you’re ready, our partners – a diverse group of painters, landscapers, handymen, plumbers, carpenters, stagers, sorting & packing pros – will be at your disposal. Whatever you need, just ask & they will come!  All those home flipping, remodeling, dress up your home shows you see on HGTV – that’s the team in action.  After 23 years of remodeling, rehabbing & renovating our own investment properties & home flip projects, we can handily help you the homeowner when you need to do the same after years of making memories at home.  

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