Sold in 4 HOURS! One showing, done.

As with any smart buyer, those who have been in the trench with me for a bit, who have seen a fair share of the inventory – they can walk into a home just like I can, and spit out a pretty good estimate where it will sell.  Well, this just happened recently. 

In combing through some last minute listings before heading out to see a few places, I noticed a brand new listing in the Glen that had just come on the market.  Day 1.  So new, that when I called for an appointment, the office didn’t know how to handle my call.  He-hee.  Soon after, I met up with my sharp & rational buyers (no, they’re not all like that) and said “I have a surprise for you.” 

In that we had been looking for a home for several months, they knew the inventory & what price homes were selling for.  So when I said to them, “This is a brand new listing, and on paper it appears to be a good value – so if we like it, let’s jump on it,” they knew what I meant.  I want my buyers to be first to the gun, the early bird gets the worm, all that advantage. 

So at 5pm I saw it on-line, we were in the house at 6pm, and by 9pm we had a deal.  Done.  All that research and pounding the pavement paid off. 

Who do you know who is Paying Attention to the market, and making sure you & yours have the upper hand in all things real estate?  Find out at

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