Buyers Buyers Everywhere!

Earth to Mars…never thought I’d be saying this, but I am in desperate need of a few more right arms to juggle all the clients who are looking to buy right now.  Three clients today alone!  With several pending contracts set to close over the next month, I’m still working through the pipeline of people 1) looking for bank-owned and/or investment property or 2) negotiating with themselves on whether to rent or buy.  Rentals are hot hot hot right now, but its such a g-o-o-d time to be a buyer…thus the struggle ensues.  When will things be more on sale in our immediate future?

And heck, I’m a buyer in this market!  I’m taking advantage of the discounted prices as well.  My smart clients are selling “on sale” because they are planning to buy UP “on sale” as well.  Like my lady friend in Evanston who has a “oh so lovely” home that one of my city buyers is going to snap up!  You smarty pants you.  These are my A-students.

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