$Buy or $Rent – What’s the right answer?

We landlords take a lot of heat.  Because it only takes a token few to spoil the apple cart, a “landlord” is likely just above used car salesman in the pecking order.  Ha!
However, for the present time, those awesome landlords who keep their properties in great shape, it will continue to be a great time to hold investment property.  If you have a home you cannot sell, let’s spruce it.  Cause the demand for good lookin’ rentals is off the charts. 
As an agent who cut her teeth on the rental market a few years ago…it has become the foundation of my client base as those renters cross over to homeowner.  However, there will be a consistent supply of ready willing & able tenants with great jobs and great credit scores looking for a great place to hunker down while someone else carries the mortgage.  Whether you’re the lessor or the lessee, check in with me about market rents in your area and how to snag a great place at a good price.  (For another reference, see article below!)


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