CASH FLOW Workshop – Sept 28

For those looking for returns outside the stock market, CDs, annuities, etc, we are hosting another workshop at the Five Seasons in Northbrook for those interested in creating a legacy for their families or seeking long term gains through real estate investing.

**Participants in this program normally have a minimum of $50k liquid assets and the ability to get a mortgage/good credit. For questions or to obtain a flyer, contact:

Robin Wilson, Real Estate Broker & Private Investor
@properties Residential Sales

Please RSVP to Chris Johnson:

**not a securities offering. Past performance not a guarantee of future results.

Cash Flow_Flyer_Sept 28


make up the largest population group right now and since no one is getting any younger, there’s no time like the present to help them. Since we’re all going to be “mature” eventually, I got armed with the SRES accreditation to make those transitions easier for mature clients. My toolbox was already full of amazing resources – now I just have a bigger toolbox.  Why Use a SRES

Chicago Asset Group

Last year I started a real estate investment group for regular folks like me & some very fancy people too, who know real estate can provide unbelievable returns.  Yet these very smart people didn’t know how or have the time or patience to navigate the waters alone, or how to buy & renovate, or use leverage of their current assets.  They didn’t know how to find property, how to find money, how to calculate the returns on the money, or where to spend on improvements – so invention is the by-product of need and we have filled that need.

Too many people have tried to “flip” and ended up taking a bath and frankly losing money (and their mind) at the end of the day.  We will flip when it makes sense, and we also buy & hold.  When you ally with me, we buy below market.  We don’t throw good money after bad.  I show you the system and we decide if we’re a good fit to work together.

Some of my clients act as the bank, getting safe & secure & guaranteed returns on their money.  Its amazing how many people are 1) sitting in cash (negative returns) and 2) are good stewards of their money, and just need a guide to help them maximize returns.

Phone lines are open.

Robin Wilson, @properties
Real Estate Broker & Private Investor